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Name:Men of Myth Convention Headquarters
Location:Orlando, Florida
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Crossover fic set at a fictional annual Men of Myth convention in Florida

Contact Details:
Welcome to the Annual Men of Myth Convention Headquarters in Orlando, Florida*

*Fictionally sponsored by the
Florida Citrus Growers Association
"A glass of orange juice a day keeps the scurvy away."
The above is a registered trademark of the FCGA
--Fraternity III, Chapter One.

This is a community to write slash or general fan fiction about fictional characters from any medium, meeting at the annual fictional convention created by [personal profile] stewardess, The Men of Myth Convention.

It all started because one day I was dying for Hector/Boromir, (um, woof!) and Stewardess made my freakin' year by writing the first of the hilarious Fraternity series.

So the purpose of this community is to have a place to slash pairings/characters that don't really have a home anywhere else, but would be fun/crazy/demented/irresistible to read and write. Basically, crossover heaven.

Every type of writing is welcome. Drabbles, ficlets, long fics, poems.

The only criteria is that the characters meet during the Convention (in hotels, bars, at the airport, on the streets, etc), which is a fictional five-day affair that takes place every year in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Challenges are very welcome!

Fic Header format
Crossover (if any):

Note: It's a modern-day convention, so the characters will be meeting in modern times and so have to deal with modern people, things, concepts, etc. Some characters will be more adept than others at handling this, as you can imagine.

Disclaimer: While any copyrighted characters belong to their copyright holders, and no money is being made from their use in this community, the concept and characteristics of the Annual Men of Myth Convention was created by [personal profile] stewardess and belongs to her.

So, with all the business part done, have fun, slash away, and for smut's sake, let your imaginations run wild. Whee!

Due to the adult nature of slash, this community is 18 years and over only, please. Thank you.

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